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Deadline to Submit:  April 27th, 2013

FitnessGram  9 How to – Tutorials

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All Students were uploaded to the FG system at once. As a teacher and user you will need to create your class or classes and then move your students into the class.  Please use the tutorials below:

Use this link to access FitnessGram Online System


NOTE: you will need to enter your username and password.

How To Create a Class

How To Add Students to a Class

All Students were uploaded to the FG system at once.  There is the possibility that one or more students were not included in this upload.  Use the tutorial below to add students manually.

How To Add a Student

How To Edit Students

How To Inactivate – Reactivate Students

If you are the Coach Lead of your campus you should have the School Admin Role.  This role will allow you to add new teachers to FG and edit their information.  Please use the tutorial below to add or edit teachers.

How To Add-Edit Teachers

NOTE: A Instructional Technologist has been assigned to your school.  This person can assist you on any of FG tasks mentioned above. Please use the reference list below to contact your assigned instructional technologist.

How To Create FitnessGram Tests

How To Edit a FitnessGram Test Event

How To Copy a Fitnessgram Test Event

How To Enter Scores for a Fitnessgram Test Event




FitnessGram Cognitive Test



Exemption Form

Exemption Form (Spanish)


Deadline to Submit:  April 27th, 2013

Benny Villarreal Ex.6416

Eduardo Farias Ex.6337