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FitnessGram Overview

Deadline to Submit:  April 27th, 2012

Created more than 20 years ago by The Cooper Institute, FITNESSGRAM is based on rock-solid research. It’s the only health-related fitness assessment to use criterion-referenced standards, called Healthy Fitness Zones, to determine students’ fitness levels based on what is optimal for good health. These standards are backed by the highly respected FITNESSGRAM Scientific Advisory Board.

FITNESSGRAM was developed by The Cooper Institute in an effort to provide physical educators with a tool that would facilitate communicating fitness testing results to students and to parents. The assessment measures three components of health-related physical fitness that have been identified as important to overall health and function:

  • aerobic capacity;
  • body composition; and
  • muscular strength, endurance, and flexibility.

FITNESSGRAM® helps you achieve your goals by applying easy-to-use technology to

  • conduct fair and accurate fitness assessments and easily record the results,
  • set individualized goals for students,
  • give students responsibility for managing and recording their own activities,
  • create detailed reports of progress and results for students, parents, and administrators
  • help students and parents understand the value of physical activity

ACTIVITYGRAM, introduced in 1999, is a behaviorally based physical activity assessment tool. It provides a three-day record of activities performed during each 30-minute period. The report provides information in the following areas:

  • Total number of minutes of activity each day as compared to a goal of 60 minutes
  • Periods of time each day spent in activity
  • Types of activity

FITNESSGRAM/ACTIVITYGRAM enables you to promote awareness about the importance of physical activity and fitness, assess the fitness and activity levels of children in grades K-12, and help them develop patterns of lifelong, health-promoting physical activity. (The program is also appropriate for use with young adults up to age 30.)

Teachers, students, and parents have been using FITNESSGRAM for more than two decades to understand, assess, and help meet students’ fitness needs.

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